Advanced Driver Updater Review

Advanced Driver Updater Review

Advanced Driver Updater is an automatic driver updating application. It is able to keep the drivers of your computer up to date. So, you will not have to update the drivers yourself. Since the name of the application explains its purpose. Therefore, there is not much there to tell about it but still, we will try to explain all its features in details. Since the features of the application are not just to up the drivers, therefore, we will explain all of its features in detail. It is very easy to use the application and you will not need any special experience to use this application. The interface of the application cannot be any easier than this and with a single click, it will fix all driver related issues.

Once you start the application, it will display all the drivers that need updates. Since it will show driver name, version, status, and its age. Therefore, you will know which driver it is, thus you can start the update process with just a click of a button. So, once you start the update process, you will not have to do anytime. Just sit back and relax and let the application do all the work. So, once the process will complete, it will give you a notification and it will show all the updates that it will find. So, from this point, you can select the drivers that you want to update or you can let it install the update of all the drivers at once.


Advanced Driver Updater ReviewSince you have the control to update the drivers, therefore, it will not have any load on your computer and once the application will complete the driver scan, you can either let the application to download the drivers at once, or you can let it download them one by one. Hence you are in complete control and once the download process will complete, the application will prompt to install the drivers one by one or all at once. So, you can tell the application what to do and once the application will install the drivers it will alert you about it. Sometimes latest drivers do not completely support your computer. So, they cause system issues and to prevent all this you can put the drivers in exclude list, therefore, it will exclude this driver in future scans.

You can also create a back of working drivers with it, therefore, if the new drivers do not support your computer. You can always restore the previous drivers from the backup. So, you will be able to save yourself all the trouble of finding the drivers again. With schedule driver scan the application will scan and update drivers as often as you want. This way you will not have to scan for the update on your own. And the drivers of your computer will always be up to date, thus it is completely able to maintain the best drivers for your computer.


You can download Advanced Driver Updater from the official website, the installation procedure is pretty straightforward and it will set up in a few clicks. The setup guides you through the entire installation therefore even first-timers can also install it easily. After install you can launch it for the first time, it has a stylish interface, at first launch, it will display the current state of your computer’s drivers and it also has a big blue button that says “Start Scan Now” that you can press to scan the scan. The interface has five tabs that give you access to all the feature of the application.

The first tab is “Status” that shows you the current driver status of your computer’s drivers as well as the basic information of your computer. This information includes Memory, Processor, Graphics and disk space. The second tab is “Driver Scan” and when you click on this tab the application will start the scan. The third tab is “Backup” that lets you create back up of installed drivers or you can create a backup of specific drivers. The fourth tab is “Restore” that lets you restore the drivers form backups. And the last tab is “Settings” from where you can manipulate the preferences of the application.

Main Features:

  • A very advanced and powerful driver utility.
  • Keep the drivers of your computer up to date.
  • Can perform update check at very fast speed.
  • Has very fast driver downloader.
  • Always finds the best and latest drivers for your computer.
  • It will maintain the best drivers on your computer.
  • You can download driver updates in any folder you like.
  • Uses a very small amount of system.
  • It will reduce system crashes by keep updated driver in your computer.
  • You will always get completely compatible drivers for your computer.
  • Compatible for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit Windows.
  • It will start the driver update process with a single click.


It is an excellent application that monitors all the drivers of your computer and keeps them updated at all times. The speed of the downloading and installation is very fast and it finds and installs the best drivers.

Advanced Driver Updater Free Download, go to the official webpage.