AirDroid Review

AirDroid Review 2019

AirDroid best device manager software and it makes you capable of remotely controlling your Android devices from your computer. It is capable of connecting your Android devices with your computers therefore, you will be capable of controlling the Android devices from your computer. Furthermore, if you want to control the phone from PC in real-time then, it is a perfect application. Moreover, when you connect your Android device with your computer via this application, you will not have to pick up your phone every time you have to do something and all the things that you do will happen in real-time on your Android device. The application lets you browse menus of your Android device in real time thus it makes it very easy to use your Android device right from your computer.

Once you connect your Android device with your computer using AirDroid, you get live notifications on your computer screen. Therefore no matter which Android device you have including a tablet or a phone, you can use this application for remotely managing them and you can perform almost all tasks right from our computer. You can go through Android devices’ storage space and this means that you can use a built-in file manager to browse files in the Android device’s storage. And you can easily transfer files both ways between Android device and your computer so, you can save important files from your Android device to your computer and, you will not lose these files, therefore, this application makes you capable of using your Android devices from your computer.


Since AirDroid Activation Key connects via Wi-Fi therefore, you will get very high speed for data transfer and your files will get transferred from one device to another in a short time. Furthermore, it is a very powerful application for Android device management therefore, you can easily transfer large files with it as well. Thus, if you transfer data from your Android device to your computer, you will get a lot of free storage space in your Android device. Additionally, you also get the ability to transfer data from your computer to your Android device, therefore, if you transfer songs, movies, and videos to your Android device, you will be capable of enjoying while you are traveling, therefore, with this software you will be capable of performing various tasks at fast speed.

AirDroid Review

You can use AirDroid to take a screenshot of your Android device and, you can share them with your friends. Additionally, you can boost your Android device. Since it makes you capable of cleaning the memory of your Android device, therefore, the device will run smoothly after that. Furthermore, you can use the camera of your Android remotely and if your phone is lost, you can also find your phone with this application. You can easily manage photos in your Android device and you can manage & export APKs, and ringtones form your Android device. And to manage your Android device, you will have not to install root in the Android device, therefore, this application makes it very easy to manage Android devices.

Main Features:

  • A possibility of managing your Android devices from your computer.
  • You can scan the AirDroid QR code to connect your device with your computer.
  • Uses Wi-Fi to connect your Android device to your computer.
  • Check notifications of your Android device.
  • Type using your computer’s keyboard.
  • Installation of apps on your Android device from your computer.
  • You will not have to install root on your Android device.
  • Control Android apps including WhatsApp, WeChat, line and other apps from your PC or Mac.
  • With it, you can easily control the Android phone from PC over the internet.
  • Create data backups of your Android device.
  • A possibility of sharing clipboard between your Android device and computer.
  • Capture screenshot of your Android device.
  • The possibility of accessing the camera of an Android device.
  • Use a file manager to access the storage space of an Android device.
  • You can also use this to control Android phone from PC via WiFi.

AirDroid Review

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