AirMyPC Review

AirMyPC Review

AirMyPC is an application that makes you capable of mirroring the display of your computer on your Apple devices. It does this without any wires. So, it will display the screen content of any computer iOS device to your iOS devices. Hence from this point, you can project the display to large screens. As well as you can do various other things. You can also display the screens of the computer on large video projectors. Hence if you have a huge audience, you can display them all with this application. So, this way you can enjoy your computer on large screens. And you will not have to buy another large display for your computer. So, download and install AirMyPC today and enhance your computer experience.

Since you can stream the sounds from your computer to your Apple TV with AirMyPC License Key. So, you can use the same speakers that you are using with your Apple TV. Since the application supports 2nd and 3rd Apple TV version. Therefore, no matter which Apple TV you have. You can still use this application. Therefore, with this v, you can mirror all types of your Windows devices. Since it can do so without any wires. So, you can feel free to mirror the displays with ease and once you install this application, you will not need the wires anymore. So, this will make it very easy to view all the content on your computer on a big screen and AirMyPC will do all this without any screen lagging.

AirMyPC Performance

Since you can mirror the screen of your computer on Apple TV without wires. Therefore, AirMyPC will make you capable of moving your laptops freely to another place, while it will still stream the display. Hence you are not bound to stay in one place. As well as you can view the content of your computer on Apple TV in a few clicks. Therefore, you will not have to wait for a long time to view the content. Since this application can also stream the sounds from the computer, therefore, you can watch videos of in your computer on Apple TV. Hence you will not have to watch them on a small laptop screen. AirMyPC works just like Chromecast, therefore, you will not feel any difference.

You can also use AirMyPC to make you apple TV a digital whiteboard. Since it will display the drawings on Apple TV, therefore, you can use it for educational purposes. To use this feature you will have to draw on any part of the screen. So, when you draw on the screen it will mirror it to Apple TV. So, this is a very handy feature. It is known as Education Interactive Tools Suite. And you can use it for various cool purposes. With this application, you can mirror your computer display to various services, for example, AnyCast, MiraScreen, EzCast and various more. So, feel free to download AirMyPC and give yourself a bit more control.

AirMyPC Review

Main Features:

  • Mirror your computer screen on Apple
  • It is the fastest screen mirroring software.
  • It is capable of supporting all Windows
  • You can use it on your laptops as well.
  • It is capable of mirroring your computer display wirelessly.
  • While screen mirroring for PC, it will not cause any lagging.
  • It can mirror the audio of your computer as well.
  • You can use it to watch pictures on your computer on a big screen.
  • It is very easy to install AirMyPC and it can screencast on PC.
  • You can mirror the display in a few clicks.
  • It lets you use your Apple TV as whiteboards.
  • Also supports MiraScreen, Sony Speakers, and AnyCast.
  • It uses very small system resources while mirroring.

For AirMyPC Free Download go to official website.