best file compression software, Beyond Compare Review

Beyond Compare Review 2019

Beyond Compare is the best file compression software that can help you to compare all sort of files and it can be very handy for all sort of computer users. So, whether you have a lot of text files or any other type of files, the application will be capable of comparing them all. Since there are a lot of data in a computer and most of the time there are a lot of files with duplicates’ therefore, these files will take a lot of disk space. So, if you start to find duplicate files by yourself, it will take a long time and you will never locate all of the duplicate files. So, you will not be capable of freeing up all disk space but if you use Beyond Compare it will do so in an efficient way and it will never miss any duplicate file.

Since Beyond Compare will find all the duplicate files, thus you will be capable of reclaiming all the disk space that the duplicate files take. Hence more free space for the files that matter for you and the application not only has just file comparison features but it has a lot of other handy features that help you to manage files. So, if you have a cloud storage space and you transfer files to it a lot, then you can use this application to manage files easily and in an efficient way. So, if you transfer a file which is already in the cloud storage, then the application will notify you about it. Hence you will not have duplicate files in cloud storage, therefore, you will be capable of storing more files in the cloud storage space, so, Beyond Compare can be handy in numerous ways.

Beyond Compare Performance

If you have a folder with a lot of sub-folders, then you can use Beyond Compare as folder comparison software to compare the entire folder tree. Thus you will be capable of knowing which folders are common in two folder trees as well as it will make it easier to remove the duplicate folder in the folder tree. Since the application will highlight the differences in the folder tree, so, you will be capable of finding the duplicates in an easy way and you will not have to compare all the folders individually. Since it will take a long time to compare all the folders individually, so, if you use this application, you will be capable of finding all the duplicate folders in a very short time, so, Beyond Compare Portable is a time-saving application.

You can compare HTML files as well as TXT, CSV, CSS, and all other types of text files with Beyond Compare. So, if you are a coder, and you want to compare two versions of a file. Then this application will do so in a very short time. And you will not have to read all the code line by line to find the differences. And with its feature to compare images, you will be capable of finding duplicate images from your storage space. With the ability to compare files, you can use this application to sync folders. Thus if you have a backup disk, and you want to copy some more data to it. Then you can use Beyond Compare to sync files to that backup drive. Thus the backup will not have duplicate files.

Main Features:

  • A very powerful comparison tool.
  • It is very lightweight yet loaded with features.
  • It is capable of comparing text files of all format.
  • The software makes it very easy to compare files in different folders.
  • You can compare files in two folders in an easy and efficient way.
  • You can compare CSS, TXT, HTML, PHP and any other type of files that include text.
  • It is known as one of the best file comparison tools.
  • You can also compare two versions of EXE files.
  • It can compare zip files and other types of archives for similar files.
  • You can use it as FTP to update servers.
  • Manage cloud storage in an easy way.
  • You can sync folders with backups to avoid duplicates.
  • It is a must-have tool for all coders.
  • It can compare two text file and add differences in a third file.
  • You can compare huge data archives to save disk space.
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