cFosSpeed Review

cFosSpeed Review 2019

cFosSpeed is an internet traffic shaping tool, it is capable of joining with the existing internet connection, so, this way it will optimize the internet data transfer. Hence it will enhance your internet and it will speed up your internet as well it will reduce the delays, hence you will have better internet, you can also use it with a router as well as a DSL modem and if you have a cable modem, you can use it with it as well. So, it will take over the entire device that is using the internet, thus you will be capable of enhancing the internet speed on all your device, it is also capable of supporting other connections as well such as ISDN, UMTS etc. thus with cFosSpeed, you will have better internet.

The main reason that you can cFosSpeed for is to improve data and the application does so by avoiding network congestion. Hence it will not let your network to get slow, this application will not let a single application to use all the network. Hence all the application will be capable of having network access and if you are a gamer and play online games, then it will support your ping fast. This way you will be capable of playing online games without any lagging and also you can download files at the same time and you can do so without slowing the network. Thus you can download the files while playing the games with any disturbance, therefore, this makes cFosSpeed a very handy application.


When you have cFosSpeed in your computer, it will keep your network fast even when having heavy uploads as downloads. Therefore, this way you will be capable of downloading the data at the fast speed and if you are streaming videos, it will overcome the streaming issues to give you smoot videos and if you are sharing files with P2P. Then it will keep the network fast while you do so, thus you will have a better network all the tasks and the interface of the application is very easy to use. So you will have easy access to all application features when the application is running on your computer. It will keep the ping times low while it will keep the transfer rates high at all time, thus with cFosSpeed, you will have a better network at all times.

When you load a webpage, cFosSpeed will accelerate the page loading time, it will do so especially while you are doing uploads. Since all the file-sharing applications are set to low priority, therefore, this means that if other data is transferred, the file-sharing will get slow. Thus, our program you can control which application can use the network and which cannot, therefore, you will have full control over the traffic. Hence if you use file-sharing applications a lot, than cFosSpeed is a must have an application for you. This will ensure smooth traffic for all the application and you will feel a lot of difference.

Main Features:

  • It can manage all your network traffic.
  • It will not let one program to use all the bandwidth.
  • The program will make it you ping time fast.
  • It will make you capable of playing games and download the files at the time same time.
  • You can decide which program can use more network.
  • It can analyze the data in real-time to ensure better network.
  • It will enhance online video streaming.
  • Enhances uploads.
  • Keeps the network at best even at times of heavy uploads and downloads.
  • It will speed up the page loading time.
  • Supports SSH, SSL, IRC, and Telnet.
  • You can prioritize data transfer from filters.

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