EaseUs Data Recovery Review

EaseUs Data Recovery Review 2019

EaseUs Data Recovery is around for a long time and is known to be the best data recovery application in the market. You can use it as external and internal data recovery and recover all types of data in a very short time. The program has an interface that makes it very easy to use and is designed for professionals and non-technical users.

For testing purposes, we deleted test files from three different drives, from internal HDD of the test computer as well as from a 32GB Flash Drive and from a 1TB external HDD. Photos, videos, documents and a variety of other files were included in the test files. And to make thing tougher, we formatted both removable drives and the internal HDD, we left it as it is.

After running the recovery process, we were able to recover all the test files very easily. Since the USB Flash Drive and external HDD were both formatted therefore it longer for the application to search the files. But with the deep scan, the application was able to rebuild and recover the files.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a data recovery application that can easily recover data from all types of storage device and gives high success rates. You can use it in numerous situations if you accidentally delete the data or empty recycle bin if you lost data because the memory card or HDD got corrupted, as well as in the situation when you mistakenly format your USB flash drive. This is a cross-platform software and supports both Mac OS and windows.

The software is very secure and safe to use, it does not contain any malware or virus. So, you can be sure that none of your data will be sent to anyone over the internet.

There is no free version of the software but it has a trial version that lets you recover up to 2 GB of data and once you reach the 2 GB limit, you will be able to preview the files but you won’t be able to recover any data after that. To recover more data you can buy the Pro version at $89.95.

Scanning and Recovery

After installation, the scanning process is very easy to start, with a single click the scanning process starts. The application offers two scanning modes, quick scan, and deep scan. The quick scanning will complete in a very short time, on the other hand, the deep scan takes longer than that, depending on the storage size being scanned. The scanning speed also depends on the processing power of the computer.

Once the scanning completed, is located all the test files and we were able to recover all the test data in a very short time. It was able to successfully recover all types of data including photos, videos, and text files. If you have lots of data deleted and you only want to recover some of the files from it than you can use the preview feature and recover selected data. This makes the entire process fast because you will not waste time on the files that you don’t want to recover.


A very safe to use software that can recover all types of data in a very short time. Price is reasonable and the trial version offers 2GB free data. The overall performance of the application is very good and was able to recover all test files.

You can download the application from the official website.