VIPRE Advanced Security Review

VIPRE Advanced Security is not amongst the popular names for security applications but it provides promising protection against various types of threats to your computer. The application that it provides are fairly easy to use and use very small system resources, that’s why they do not overload your computer. The product “Viper Advanced Security” is it stop of the line application that provides malware protection and has quick malware detection rate. The application primarily focuses on protecting your computer from all types of threats.

Installation and First Launch:

There is too many Security application out there in the market, some created by top-rated companies and some created by the companies not very famous. But Viper Advanced Security is a top-rated application that provides complete protection against all types of malware. Viper Advanced Security (VAS) has a trial version of 30-days and you can download it from the official website after providing your email address. After completing an easy installation procedure you will be able to run it.

Once you launch Viper Advanced Security (VAS) you will get a simple interface with three tabs at the top: MyVIPER, Account, and Manage. Its the main focus is just core antivirus basics and the interface shows your devices’ status telling you whether your computer is running properly, is the firewall is active, and all the virus definitions are up to date. It will also display the time of the last scan (if any) and if there is any scan due and when. You can start Quick, Full or Custom scan immediately by pressing the scan button.

It uses very small system resource to run, under its all four processes it used about 120MB RAM and for installation, it required 1GB storage space. The scan takes a very small time and will detect all the malware in a very short time. It will show the number of malware at the bottom of the console that it blocked to keep you up to date, stating “We Have Protected You from 9 Threats.” and you can get more information by clicking this message.

VIPRE Advanced Security Review

Usage and Configuration:

The program cannot run simultaneous scans, so, if you run a full system scan and try to launch a scan by right-clicking a file and selecting “Scan with VIPER”, it will tell you that the program is busy with another scan. So, you will have to wait for the first scan to complete and after that, you can run the second scan. The program gives you control – whether to scan inside the archives or not and you can also delay a scheduled scan if the laptop is not plugged in, so with this program, you are always in control and you can easily tweak the setting.

You can also block a website by adding their URLs in the application and it will block them, by adding the URLs in the filter, you will block them at the network level and it will cover all the browser without the requirement of an extension. With email protection, the program protects you from unsafe attachments, phishing links, and spam emails, this way it will keep your inbox clean. And with firewall built-in to it, it will monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic and it will protect you against network attacks.

Since VIPER Advanced Security can completely integrate with Windows, therefore it will automatically disable Windows Firewall, and Defender to avoid any performance issues and conflicts. The network features work pretty well and you can create and join a homegroup on your local network, this way you can access shared files and folders on the network.

Anti-Malware and Antivirus:

We tested the antivirus and anti-malware and it is able to protect you from them regardless of the web browser you are using. We surfed the internet on all popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and it worked with all of them – because it blocks all the dangerous websites that we tried to open. Since it filters all the traffic of your computer, therefore, it will protect you from all types of threats.

To test the antivirus we plugged in several removable drives with viruses in them, at first it did not do anything, but as soon as we opened a folder with malware in it, VIPER Advanced Security reacted and removed the infected file instantly. After that, we infected the computer with various malware, ransomware, and virus to test the antivirus – and started the scan. It went through the files and cleaned the computer without any issues and once the process completed the computer was infection free. The speed of the computer is not very fast but it is reasonable.

VIPRE Advanced Security Review

VIPRE Advanced Security Pros:

  • Has a very efficient social media monitor that blocks all threats that can sneak in.
  • It provides the best protection in this price range.
  • You get total control to customize the firewall according to your requirement.
  • Has a very user-friendly interface.

VIPRE Advanced Security Cons:

  • Has no parental control.
  • The virus can is slow.